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Kimber Kimber & Associates

[Photo of Mark Kimber, CEO]

“Our goal is to provide our clients with a loyal partnership that will be profitable to both. Kimber Kimber & Associates offer major corporations a means of access to the African American consumer nationwide. This significant market which, for all practical purposes, has gone unnoticed and untapped, is ripe for allurement through advertising with them in mind.”

— Mark Kimber, CEO, Kimber Kimber & Associates

Our goal is to successfully promote, create and implement programs that convey specific messages to the African American consumer. Through African American newspapers, Kimber Kimber & Associates aims to create awareness, promote products and services that benefit the African American community and increase the exposure of companies such as yours. Our objective is to strategically place messages that allow both businesses and the African American community to prosper.

The Kimber Kimber Advantage

  1. Kimber Kimber & Associates is associated with the NNPA and the WCBPA (National Newspapers Association and West Coast Black Publushers Association). Kimber Kimber & Associates has been selected as the media buying and placement agency for the nation's oldest black newspaper associations, thus is able to offer substantial savings to advertisers by developing a common column-inch rate for over 250 publications across the USA.
  2. Kimber Kimber offers Black Publisher Relationships. Kimber Kimber & Associates has built a long-standing Rapport, Respect and Relationship with the Black Press during the past 33 years of publishing its own African American newspaper. This has given Kimber Kimber the ability to negotiate rates and ad space with the publishers. In addition, the publishers are more eager to give priority to advertisements provided by Kimber Kimber.
  3. Kimber Kimber offers the lowest advertising rates to clients with its one-rate billing system known as the KRIS System.
  4. Kimber Kimber offers its clients the complete overall package which includes the best selection of African American newspapers for any particular campaign, distribution of advertisements to publishers, collection of tearsheets and invoices, and prompt distribution of payment to publishers.
  5. Kimber Kimber understands the importance of client satisfaction with the bottom line being an increase in sales.

Kimber Kimber & Associates provides clients with the Building Blocks to a partnership that will last for generations to come.